Do it yourself bookkeeping or can I do the book keeping myself?

In most cases for small businesses and self-employed persons it is possible for them to carry out the book keeping themselves with the correct level of support and correct book keeping software. In the case of smaller businesses and for those that are self-employed it is also often the case that the transactions of the business are fairly consistent and there is a fair amount of repetition. This means that once an adequate book keeping process is set up it is fairly easy to reduce the time spent on the book keeping and the business or individual can have quick and meaningful information from the book keeping without too much effort.

Do it yourself bookkeeping | Malta Book Keeping Services
For a small business or self-employed person, it also essential that the correct book keeping software is chosen. This is even more important for someone that has limited or no book keeping experience. It is vital that the book keeping software is easy to use, user friendly and importantly does not over complicate things. It should provide you with meaningful reports such as the cash position, profit and loss (or income and expenses), debtors report (what customers owe you), suppliers report (what you owe suppliers) and VAT report should you be VAT registered.

We are able to provide you software for you to carry out your own book keeping services that have all of the above in report format or even better on the initial home page of the book keeping software.
It is quite often, that once a client is organised and an adequate book keeping process is developed they can carry out the book keeping themselves. We can assist by offering an initial consultancy to understand the nature of your business and the transactions and work with you to set up your book keeping process. We can also provide you access to our award winning book keeping software.

Interested in learning how to teach yourself bookkeeping? Contact us and we would be more than happy to help.