Find the most common Book keeping FAQs

Can we do some of the book keeping and you carry out the rest of the book keeping services?

Yes, we offer full flexibility and can discuss your requirements. We offer a hybrid service between do it yourself book keeping service levels and full book keeping service levels. We will work to an efficient and effective book keeping process and can offer assistance on the book keeping you work on should you need it.

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Is there a long term contract for your book keeping services?

We are confident in our service level and do not tie anyone down to a long term contract.

What do I need to bring to the initial consultation?

We need to get an understanding of how your business operates, the likely business transactions and the volume of transactions. Ideally, we would need to know over the short to medium term which would cover the following 12 months.

Is there a catch? Is it really a free consultation?

Yes, it is entirely free.

If I choose the full book keeping service, what information will I need to provide?

For the full book keeping service level we will require all sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank or payment gateway statements/exports, payroll information if applicable. This can be scanned and emailed or shared in an online storage system.

Do you offer just book keeping services?

Yes, we offer just book keeping services but are associated with companies that can offer tax advisory, fiduciary services and company formation.

We just need a review of our book keeping process to see if it is as efficient as it could be? Can you help?

Yes, we are able to provide a consultancy service to review and evaluate your book keeping service and if needed, make suggestions to improve it.